Synchronized viewing experience on the internet

Znipe TV recently released their newest feature: ‘Social Watching’. It enables a group of viewers in various locations to watch a live or recorded stream of an eSports match together with perfect time synchronization.

In the past, viewers sitting at home that tried to watch the same match would end up receiving the stream at different times. This resulted in a frustrating, disjointed experience for the group where some friends saw something happen long before the others in the group saw it.

'Social Watching' by Znipe TV solves that problem, allowing groups to watch together regardless of their location, ensuring everyone receives the stream at the same time.

Znipe’s vision is to become every gamer’s source of eSports entertainment, and to showcase competitive eSports in an interactive way. ‘Social Watching’ builds upon Znipe’s ambition to become a community driven platform and seeks to streamline watching of eSports with a group of friends. Viewers are now able use the power of Znipe TV with their favourite online chat tool such as Discord, Teamspeak or Skype, to share the thrill and excitement of their chosen match.

With ongoing contracts for tournaments being signed, Znipe’s portfolio of games is growing, with Counter Strike: Global Offensive, Dota 2, Hearthstone and Starcraft taking the lead.


“I am incredibly proud to be able to present this feature to the gaming community. I believe everyone that has tried to watch eSports together online will appreciate the possibilities of 'Social Watching' on www.znipe.tv

- Erik Åkerfeldt - co-CEO of Znipe Esport AB


The Znipe Story
Founded by Johan Ryman and Erik Åkerfeldt, recognized innovators in the field of streaming solutions and with a management team that also includes Christian Lidström in Business Development — Znipe aims for nothing less than delivering a premium eSports viewing experience to fans, players, and organizers worldwide

Currently Znipe is in an open Beta stage, and is continually developing and improving the product with their international Development team based in Stockholm, Sweden. More information is available on www.znipe.tv

About Znipe

Znipe came together sharing one dream – to change how fans follow and watch esports. Our team is assembled with a broad experience from professional esports, entrepreneurship, tech and sales which enables us to reach our ambitious targets.


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