Znipe TV teams up with Gamerz

Znipe TV and Gamerz announce their partnership for the 2017 Nordic Season. The Znipe TV product will be used to help train the talents featured in the show as we follow their journey toward a professional esports contract. Both the Gamerz show and each participant's game stream will be broadcasted on the Znipe TV streaming platform.

Stockholm, 4 May, 2017. Znipe TV and Gamerz are happy to announce their partnership for the Gamerz 2017 Nordic Season starting the 1st of May 2017. Together Gamerz and Znipe TV will broadcast a unique perspective of the esports culture. The Znipe TV streaming platform will be used to allow fans to follow their favorite talent as they train to become better players.

“I am happy to see Gamerz new program concept – it is a fantastic realization of a new type of esports entertainment that I think will bring joy to both gamers and esports fans. The partnership between Gamerz and Znipe is an excellent way of showing new angles of esports, both in-game with the Znipe TV Multi POV perspective as well as behind the scenes with the Gamerz new show concept.”, said Erik Åkerfeldt co-CEO at Znipe TV

We are very pleased to broadcast our brand new esports format on Znipe´s extremely exciting platform. Looking forward to following how the viewers take on both our new format and how they can watch it through Znipe.”, said Fredrik Ivansson CEO at Gamerz.

Znipe’s vision is to become every gamer’s source of esports entertainment, and to showcase competitive esports in an interactive way. Znipe’s latest feature ‘Social Watching’ works great with the Gamerz show, as fans can watch together as a group of friends and see the video simultaneously - just as if you were watching the same screen. Viewers are now able use the power of Znipe TV with their favourite online chat tool such as Discord, Teamspeak or Skype, to share the thrill and excitement of their chosen match.



Znipe TV is an esports streaming platform that is focused on changing how fans follow and watch esports. Founded by Johan Ryman and Erik Åkerfeldt, recognized innovators in the field of streaming solutions, and with a management team that includes Christian Lidström and Kenneth Dambo — Znipe TV aims to bring a premium esports viewing experience to fans, players and organizers worldwide. More information is available on www.znipe.tv.


Gamerz is a unique opportunity for gaming talent in CS:GO to become Esports professionals. The question is -who has what it takes?

The 12 biggest talents will live in Gamerz House where they will, with professional help, be drilled to maximize their abilities.

These talents are tested and challenged daily in live broadcasts of matches and challenges.

Anything can happen and no one is secure on their way towards the final objective where five lucky winners will be awarded a six- month professional contract.

If you as a viewer believe that you have what it takes, there is NOW an opportunity for you to fight your way into Gamerz House and compete for the highly-coveted professional contract!



About Znipe

Znipe came together sharing one dream – to change how fans follow and watch esports. Our team is assembled with a broad experience from professional esports, entrepreneurship, tech and sales which enables us to reach our ambitious targets.


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